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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day/i did it!

A very Happy Mothers' Day to you all - are you all being spoilt - breakfast in bed, flowers, cards? ha ha, i hear you say! Well to make you feel better if, like me, you are not, mine are all still in bed - well it is only half eight i suppose! I have had a card from my eldest - he gave it to me on Wednesday (he doesn't live at home) in case he forgot - as he did last year - in fact, they all forgot last year!!! have i been prompting this year? just a little!

Anyway, onwards and upwards - don't know why i said that - where does phrase come from i wonder? Crocheting - i have been watching, with not a little envy, all the lovely crocheting that is going on in blogland at the moment. Some absolutely gorgeous creations and colours. i have been trying, unsuccessfully, to teach myself from a book but gave that up as a bad job! I was talking about this to a lovely lady in a shop and the upshot was i popped back in the other day and she showed me how to get started and i made this -

its meant to be a little flower, a bit wonky i know, but i was thrilled. However on getting home i find i can do the chain - having big problems with tension but we won't go into that now - but can i do what looks like a flower, can i heck! So Lesley, if you are reading this, you may rethink your kind offer because i'm not going to be an easy pupil!!! on the upside i really, really want to master this!

I love getting parcels and yesterday i received the most beautiful, generous gift from a lovely lady called Dionne. Her daughters had seen some wristwarmers i had made on one of my posts and said how nice they were so i offered to make them some and duly posted them off. I think i definitely came off best as the gifts i received were amazing! First was the envelope they came in

how pretty is that, and when i opened it, there were all these lovely goodies

there were two thank you cards from Dionne's daughters, a key ring from Hawaii, a lovely shell necklace and some absolutely gorgeous fabric! and that's not all

there was this lovely garland which will be hanging over my mirror in my bedroom! Thank you so much Dionne for such generosity.

Its such a beautiful morning here that i feel the need to rush out and do some seed planting in the greenhouse before the weather goes all murky again . i did buy some tomato plugs last weekend but the frost the night before last was so hard it killed them off!! so i think there may be another trip to the garden centre!

well i hope you all have a lovely day.



Suzie Sews said...

happy mothers day

Joy said...

Happy Happy Mothers Day!!!!!
I think your little flower is lovely, well done :o).
Gorgeous gifties too by the way, what a pretty envelope too :o).
Joy :o)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy Mother's Day! I have already been spoilt rotten (sorry) and have about 15 envelopes full of cards and messages and drawings!

But did I get a card to my own mum on time?


Lucy x

Gina said...

My eldest send me a voucher promising breakfast in bed, no dog walking, or washing and cooking... redeemable from his brothers as he couldn't make it home. It won't surprise you to know I was walking the dog at 6.30 am, had cake baking by 8 am and the first load of washing in by 8.15. I then cooked dinner for eight! However I'm now catching up with reading blogs while Stewart does the ironing! Happy Mother's Day!

Kitty said...

Happy Mother's Day Maria! I went out for lunch - but to my Mum's - so she was cooking! She made lunch, I made pudding (a trifle). Had some nice bits from the kids - will blog it tomorrow. x

Dionne said...

I'm so glad you got my little package, just in time for mothers day! What a wonderful flower as well!

disa said...