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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

isn't it lovely!

Isn't it lovely when the weathermen get it wrong - i woke up this morning expecting it to be like yesterday, miserable and wet and instead got this
Beautiful sunshine and not a cloud in the sky!!! It days like these that make me want to rush around doing all sorts!!

So first - out with the washing

in with the horses - who by the looks of it were having a lovely lie-in!!

we are going to exercise them in our little school this morning as its dustbin day and our roads are soo narrow it makes a ride out a little hairy - especially as there are lots of lorries!!

Next take the dogs for a long walk round the field behind us - have to make the most of this as soon the grass will be too long for them!!!

Then into the greenhouse to water these - i must get on and put the toms in growbags and the sweetpeas in pots

quick check at the garden to make sure no slug damage as put in some broadbean plants at weekend (or rather hubby did!)and finally, breakfast!!! not a bad round up and its only twenty past ten!

Last night i finished a slouch sock - only have to sew it up and also finished a crochet square - was soo excited!! I know, i know, but am easily pleased by little accomplishments!!

Tomorrow i'm going to Tamsyn's lovely shop to learn more crochet - yay!
with all these goodies, plus she has some lovely fabric coming in, i know i'm going to be tempted!!!
Well that was a long post!!!
Hope you all have a lovely day - have to make the most of it here as its supposed to rain later - knew it was too good to be true!!!


Gina said...

Enjoy the sunshine. I'm debating whether to risk putting the washing out!

Dionne said...

Beautiful weather! I only wish I could enjoy it with you! We've a grey drizzle over here, and no hope for sun!

Tamsyn said...

was a gorgeous sunny day, I was very tempted to just sit outside my shop and knit..if i could just stop buying new stock i might be able to spare a few minutes! Glad you managed to enjoy it. The gardening looks good. See ya tommorow x

Moogsmum said...

It was gorgeous here today - until I got out of the car to drag far too many bags into a school for work and then it rained and hailed all over me! We even had a BIG clap of thunder tonight - just the one but enough to make Moog hide under the table :(

Fab job on the crochet Maria. I feel I may need to discover Tamsyn's shop for myself before too long :)


Joy said...

Aah, what a glorious day!! It's starting to get a bit cooler here now ... Autumn is setting in, before we know it it will be winter (brrrr).
Joy :o)

silverpebble said...

What a lovely sunny crochet-ish roundup Maria. So fab to watch your crochet develop. Mine's still not really happeneing, but I have so much jewellery to make that it wont for a while yet xx

Kerri said...

Have a great day dancing in the sunshine. Its nice to catch up a bit when the sun is out.

Love the crochet. Might have to get mine out. And the knitting???

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds like a busy but fun day! We had lovely weather all weekend but then it rained all day Monday and Tuesday :( It seems like it's going to be sunny today though.

Lucy x

clare's craftroom said...

Great to get a lot done early then you can relax for the rest of the day . LOL

Annie said...

FANTASTIC effort - what a difference lovely weather makes. It feels so good to accomplish, doesn't it!