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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Busy Day

Years ago Sundays, apparently, used to be a day of rest!! Not any more! Am sat on settee feeling cream crackered! Started off at 8ish this morning making sure hubby got up in time to go to golf! Now, is it just my hubby, or is it a man thing , that he has to get me to get him up 'cos he just doesn't hear the alarm!
Anyho, breakfast followed, then getting horses in, feeding, haying, poo-picking - quick change and then rode my mare, rthen went out on my bike with Em and her horse Pye, lovely ride round the village - few hills, couple of stops to get my breathe back and off again! Finally went on a shortish walk whilst Em rode the naughtly little chestnut pony - he's soo spooky he manages to frighten himself! Lunch was a very quick snack, then i decided to have a quick tidy up- only got as far as the sewing room and got sidetracked!
Have various little piles of fabric for projects on the go- at the moment am working on Summer Sadie's neighborhood swap - my blocks are all cottages

have done 5 so far - some embellishing left to do and then on to the next four!

Next i decided to make some scones for tea later - well they have not made it that far - about an hour ago they were spotted!

and then they were, nearly, all gone!

Finally, before i sat down, i popped out into the garden and picked some daffs - i love it when i can just pick flowers from my own garden - roll on summer and sweet peas! However the fressias are giving out a heavenly scent which is lovely!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!



noelle said...

Its always so busy when you have animals isnt it, wouldnt be without them though eh!! No riding for us its long reining at the minute , am hoping to get Harry driving!!! We have two new additions to our household, will show them on my blog this week, i don't think they will be to everyones taste, not the cuddly type either, its a boy thing although i love them! are you intrigued!!!!!?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh that sounds way too busy for my liking! But those cottage blocks are stunning! And the scones look delicious too! Dot has just baked us a delicious looking Victoria Sponge with jam and cream for tonight's pudding - if it lasts that long! Having a 12 year old cook in the house is very useful!!!

Lucy x

trash said...

Crumbs that was a busy Sunday! Your cottages are magnificent and blurry lucky all the scones are gone because you know, it wouldn't take me long to get to your house.

Gina said...

I'm worn out just reading how busy you were! Love those cottage blocks - very pretty.

silverpebble said...

Oof, I can smell those scones from here. I love being able to pick posies from the garden too - it's such a treat isn't it? What a very busy lovely Sunday you've spent.

Joy said...

A busy day indeed!!! It all sounds so lovely though when you say you went riding, and cycling, and baking and flower picking... [[sigh]]]. None of the flowers in our patch are very fragrant at the moment ... (ooh, reminder to self ~ must 'feed' the roses!!) ;o). Your blocks are just gawjus Maria ... I love them!!!
Joy :o)
PS ... time to buy him a bigger (louder) alarm clock ;o) lol.

Louise said...

The neighbourhood swaps look fantastic! Wow!
Sunday rests are definitely a myth, can't remember the last time i just sat!
And now I am getting daffs are not making any sign of flowering fact they haven't even come up out of the ground yet...but then again, i did plant some hyacinth bulbs upside down last yr...eeeek.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh those scones looked nice, no wonder they vanished :-) Loving the cottages too!

Kitty said...

The men/alarm thing explains why they don't wake up at the sound of a crying baby either!

Your blocks are lovely, and no wonder those scones went so fast ... I think I might make some scones soon. Thanks for the inspiration.


About me said...
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建佑承蘋 said...

it's good!....................

Dee / Cloth Company said...

Yikes! with three kids, a husband and all those animals, it's a wonder you SLEEP! I like the neighborhood that you're building with your quilting.