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Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Finish!!

I have been trying hard to do my 20 minutes a day - sewing, knitting, quilting or crochet! Its not that i don't want to do it, its just trying to find the time - i seem to have quite a few projects on the go, as usual!! However i have actually finished something - hurray! Trashy had organised a Spring Swap and i was luck enough to be drawn as her swap partner. I had an idea in mind - which i was actually going to make for her birthday, but as usual time shot past and i didn't get round to it! However once the swap was announced i knew exactly what i was going to make! So here it is, all wrapped up and ready to go!
and this is it - ta-da!!!

Its my version of the Australian flag - i met Trashy for lunch yesterday and gave it to her and she loved it! I soo enjoyed making it for her.
The rest of this week i've been trying to sort out what projects i need to finish and this quilt is one of them - i started it last winter, its flannel fabric and very snuggly. So i have now put my layers all together, basted them and am about to start quilting, just have to sort out which design and this time i'm going to hand quilt it!

This pic does not do the fabric justice, the colours are much better in real life!!
Whilst i was sorting out projects i found one that had been given to me ages ago, its a bag design by Jane Crowfoot and it has intarsia and fairisle - eeek, neither of which i have tried. So i thought as it was there i might give it a go - so if you hear a lot of swearing it will probably be me!!!
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


Kitty said...

Intarsia and fairisle? I broke out in a sweat just reading the words, never mind attempting to do the words! Good luck with that!

I think Trash's little Oz flag is gorgeous - what a great idea. And that flannel quilt is stunning.


dottycookie said...

Lovely lovely flag!

And as for intarsia and fairisle together - are you mad, woman?! I can't do either!

jennyflower said...

Cool flag!!! I am loving the muted shades of your next quilt. I am sure you will really enjoy the knitting, I love fairisle.

trash said...

I do love it. I really, really do! And when I showed it to CK he suggested the very perfectest place for it. The official hanging takes place tomorrow.

clare's craftroom said...

Yay for the Aussie flag ! That's the good thing about swaps we know we have to do it . Looking forward to the finished quilt .

MarmaladeRose said...

Snap! I'm had quilting too at the moment. Not as easy as it looks, especially on a large item.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Trashy's present is lovely Maria - I'm not surprised she was delighted! Lucy x

Joy said...

Super gawjus flag Maria ... what a terrific idea for Trashy ;o)!!
I made a flannel quilt years ago and because I fell out of love with the fabrics it got shoved in a cupboard. You've just reminded me I've got some delish flannels in a box just waiting to be played with ... I should get them out and make something snuggly before our winter!!!
Joy :o)

Indigo Blue said...

I feel the same. Some days the 20 minutes free find me and then othera I struggle to find the time! We can only do our best. Knitting has been my main crafting at the moment, sore eyes in the evening prevent too much sewing.x

Tamsyn said...

Your flag is gorgeous :) as is the quilt, that looks like a big project to me!

Intarsia and fairisle are my favorites (not that i've had time to do any!) so if you get stuck i'l b very happy to help :) have afab week x

all kinds of everything said...

Love the flag!
Great 20 minuters