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Thursday, 15 April 2010


At last!! I finally found some time this week to do some craftyness!!! The above is my ever - slowly- growing pile of crochet blocks - i think i may do another 10 or so and then join them altogether.

I want to do a border but also, as in quilting, some sashing between rows but i have no idea how to do this - any advice would be gratefully received!

A friend has just had a baby boy so i knitted a little beanie and did some bunting!

Couldn't get all the bunting in but at least you can see the name!

I have been in a neighborhood swap organised by Sadie - i can't do the link but she's in my sidebar! At last i have finished my 9 blocks of cottages and hope to post these tomorrow! Its been great fun and i'm looking forward to seeing what the others have done!

These were the last three!

Such a relief to be able to actually cross something off my long list!

I know i have two quilts to finish, one i'm handquilting and another i have cut out - but i have seen some gorgeous quilts by other bloggers so i feel a new project coming on!!

Better go and get dinner on now!


jennyflower said...

Those cottages are so sweet, will they all go together in a big quilt? I love the grannys, I have only managed the scarf so far in the squares, but really enjoyed it. My joining wasn't very successful, but it did the job without doing loads of oversewing! xxx

Indigo Blue said...

Lovely crochet squares, you have quite a lot of them. when i corchet my scarf I did several rounds in a common colour and then corcheted them together. Attic 24 has a tutorial on joining together.

Trash said...

i was thinking about your dilemma today. what if you created a sashing in a solid colour, either long skinny 'squares' or several joined to make the length required then add them in quilting stylee.

noelle said...

Great crochet blanket, not sure about crochet so cant help with the sashing!! great cottages, i love sewing little houses too!

Michaela said...

Those little houses are so beautiful. As to the dilemma on the granny squares - I can't crochet and have no idea what sashing is, so sorry, but I'm not helping you!

Jo in TAS said...

Love your crochet squares! It's another craft I need to practice!

all kinds of everything said...

beautiful bunting and those houses
are so lovely !!!
Suzanne(20 minuters)