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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Busy sewing!

Its raining out so these two , Molly and Winnie, have decided to snuggle up indoors - not sure Molly is too keen on lying soo close to the cat!
i should be doing the housework, but have been sneaking in a bit of sewing - this piece, sorry its sideways, blogger won't let me turn it round, is something i started ages ago and i think because we have been having such lovely weather and that always makes me wish i was beside the sea, i thought i had better finish it off! I just need to quilt it now, make some tabs and do the binding

This is what i really needed to do today - its my starter block for phase two - christmas - for our around the world quilt swap! I'm really looking forward to this swap - i have picked red and white as my favourite christmas colours and decided to do a log cabin design!

Right, now i have done that there's no excuse not to do the hoovering!



Joy said...

That is such a cute piccy of molly and Winnie hehe. Love the look on Molly's face lol.
That's the most wonderful Summery wallhanging Maria, love it :o).
Joy :o)

Moogsmum said...

Ooh I love your summery quilt and the red and white block is beautiful!
You really don't need to the hoovering. What you really need to do is more sewing - especially as you wouldn't want to disturb Molly when she looks so cosy :o)