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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Whooppee- T'shirt weather at last!

Yay - what a glorious day!! Woke up to birds tweeting and the sun streaming in through the window - so just had to get up! Quick breakfast and then outside to get the horses in. Decided today was the day to get the rugs off and keep them off (this usually guarantees rain!!). Got Iona tacked up and rode her in the school - much to her surprise - she's not used to getting going so early in the morning but it was just soo lovely riding in the sunshine!
After that i decided all the horses needed a good grooming - they are all shedding their winter coats at the moment so there is hair flying everywhere! Mind you the birds love it and quite often you see them fly past with a nice soft bit of horsehair in their beaks! Then i turned them back out into their paddocks and the first thing they all did was have a roll! So here are some pics of some not quite so clean horses.

There is not much grass around at the moment - in fact most of the paddocks are just mud - so this weekend it will be rolling and seeding!
Pye manages to find some bits to nibble!

Mitch is not looking too bad - a bit of a shine on his coat!

Iona decided it was more fun to try and follow me whilst i was trying to take a decent pic of her!

as you can see she is moulting rather a lot and the more i brush the more coat comes out!

I gave up trying to take a decent pic in the end!

So not much crafting done today - but there's still time this evening!!



Gina said...

Isn't it wonderful to go out without a coat!

Joy said...

Maria they're all so beautiful!! Mitch is incredibly handsome, Bear would just love him. She just adores what she calls "hairy footed horses" ;o). So glad the weathers being kinder to you all ... bout time too :o).
Joy :o)

Kerri said...

Looks beautiful and green. Nice to have just t-shirts on and no jumpers. We are heading into colder weather. The girls are looking forward to bon fires. Have a great day

trash said...

It was just a fabulous day wasn't it? My cheeks are all pink after all that sunshine.

Ladybelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me! Spring is such a great time of the year. Beautiful horses.

Jo in TAS said...

Sounds like a beautiful day spending quality time with the geegees!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

The horses are all looking very happy to be out in the sunshine! Lucyx