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Monday, 10 May 2010

socks and quilts!

I know this pic has nothing to do with socks, but just had to take it - been out for a long walk with the dogs, half an hour later this is the result - tuckered out!!!

I came across this pattern book at the weekend and just had to buy it - especially when i saw....

these lovely socks!!! and i wanted a pair!!!
and the best part - they are knitted on two needles!!! Yay!! Now i know all you sock afficionados will think i'm cheating, but this is my limit on the sock front - i don't think i'm cut out for four needles!! But, never say never!
So i chose this yummy yarn - its extra fine merino and its sooo soft! Think i may have to cast on tonight , even tho i have a mahoosive amount of UFOs!!! But, what the heck!!!

One thing i did finish and that was my block for the Christmas around the world quilt swap - this is for Andrea.

am quite pleased with how it turned out and having seen the pics on flickr of what everyone is making i think it will definitely be a challenge!
Have a good week!


silverpebble said...

Those socks DO look gorgeous - I'm excited about seeing the finiahed article. Maria, you wrote the 'c' word. It's MAY!

Gina said...

Those socks do look rather gorgeous and will be especially so in that yarn.

jennyflower said...

I am loving the festive log cabin block, and will look forward to seeing how the two needle socks pan out- I'm a scaredy cat about using four too!

Anonymous said...

i enjoy knitting, but i've never tried my hand at making socks! seems too tricky! lol

crochet is my hook!
nice to meet you...come by sometime with your coffee!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

julie said...

those do look super socks - especially as they're on 2 needles (my kind of knitting!) Love the tuckered out dogs picture too - oh to be able to get that comfy!

Moogsmum said...

Those socks will be lovely! Just make sure you handwash them - I made some in that yarn and had to give them to Monster after they accidentally got into the washing machine.

Then they got in a second time and now they barely fit the Moog!!

The only way you're going to get over your four needle phobia is to win a bet with Trashy. She'll then buy you yummy sock yarn and posh bamboo needles. You'll then have no choice other than to knit them on those pesky dpns.

That happened to me. If it hadn't been for that naughty Trashy I wouldn't have to wash 24 pairs of handmade socks on a regular basis!!

Your quilt block is gorgeous and perfectly Christmassy :o)


p.s. love the gratuitous dog shot!