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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

That time of year again!!

The lilac trees are now in bloom and the smell is heavenly. We have made up some pots and put them on the patio - i love the blue pot - its colour reminds me of the mediterranean.

Things are sprouting in the garden - rhubbarb at the back of the pic is going mad as usual! Sprouts, broccoli, runner and broad beans, and beetroot are looking good at the moment. I thought i would take a pic of the garden before the weeds get going!!!
We also have some new neighbours!!!

These two lambs were doing a spot of sun bathing!

This little group kept trying to lick my camera!!!

and these three were giving their mum a hard time by leaping and pinging all over the place!!
I do love this time of year.


silverpebble said...

Hurray for pinging lambies!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I agree with Emma - pinging lambs are wonderful! (fabulously descriptive word Maria - just sums them up perfectly!)

Lucy xx

P.S. word verification today is "hylytop" - isn't that where Trashy lives?

Joy said...

Wow Maria ... it's so green and lush over there!!! LOVE the lilac tree. And the pinging lambs and licky calves ... what can I say ... just adorable ;o).
Joy :o)

jennyflower said...

That lilac looks sublime! Shall we sit under it and knit and drink tea?

trash said...

I do Locket ! I do live on the 'hylytop'!

I wonder if CK's kit would pick up 'pinging lambs'? Do lambs swim???

noelle said...

All looking lovely over there! Happy Days! x

Moogsmum said...

Lovely springy summery post Maria and I love those pinging lambs too :o)

Your garden looks lovely. I haven't even planted a bean this year - I may have to chuck some lettuce seeds about before the week is out!!