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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bits and pieces

Had a lovely Saturday morning in Bath - first i went to the above - it was the first one Bath has done and it was lovely.
There were some really nice stands with lots of goodies and ladies on the stands were all great to chat to! I did make one purchase - it was these vintage pillow shams - i just could not help myself - they are going to be cut up to make some cushions.I have been quite busy this weekend, trying to finally finish some of my quilts - i'm nearly finished binding this flannel quilt - which i have been snuggling under unfinished!!!
I bought the binding fabric in my favourite quilt shop and i also just happened to pop these in my bag too - paid for of course!!! The pink fabric is for sashing my around the world quilt and the other two fabrics will be used in the around the world christmas block swap!!!
Have finally got round to doing some posters for my bunting!

And now am off to do dinner - pudding is already sorted - strawberries and chocolate dreamy dessert - which i did not make - purchased at our local farm shop!!! As you can see someone has already tried it so i better get a move on!!



jennyflower said...

Oh what fun! Loving your treasure, and the look of pudding! xxx

Gina said...

Love the look of your flannel quilt!

clare's craftroom said...

Love your pillowcases , so pretty !

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It all looks lovely! Especially pudding!!!! Lucy ;o) xxx

Kitty said...

That flannel quilt looks so snuggly - what a great idea. Love, love, love the bunting. :) x