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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Short Break!

Had a lovely short break - and it was 'short' - just left home on Friday midday and came back Saturday afternoon!! Was a spur of the moment thing - just me and hubby - leaving Em and Dan to look after the animals and house!!! We went to Bournemouth which is about an hour away - just ideal! I have not stayed here for years and we decided to stay at the Marriott - a beautiful hotel, with the most amazing, friendly staff, perfect service and a lovely room. So nice to be looked after and waited on - bliss. Sitting outside, looking at the sea, glass of Pimms - perfect! Here are a few pics :-

Bournemouth at night -

Hotel conservatory - had afternoon tea here - heaven!

this was one of the views - the pier and beautiful beach - goes on for miles.

This is our hotel - on the right - and right at the bottom of the pic some gorgeous beach huts - i would love one of those but they are a fortune!!

Could have happily stayed longer!!! Got home feeling very relaxed - all seemed okay - found out that both Em and Dan had forgotten to shut the chicken in during the night (we only have 1 chicken now) but am happy to say she did not get eaten!!! Em had also topped up the horses water that morning but had forgotten to turn the hose pipe off - luckily Dan spotted it and turned it off - it had been going for an hour or so - thank goodness we are not on a water meter!!!

hope you are having a lovely weekend!




Joy said...

How lovely that you and hubby managed to steal away together ... and to Bournemouth!!! I remember some wonderful family holidays there when I was a little girl - *sigh* ;o)- although not at the Marriot, how fabulous!!! Glad nothing too major went wrong in your absence ;o).
Joy :o)

Mama said...

Totally and completely GREEN WITH ENVY!!!

Dionne said...

Sounds fabulous! Thank goodness all was well on the homefront!

Kitty said...

I love Bournemouth. We went for a day out there last summer and had a lovely time. Gorgeous pictures - so glad you had a lovely weekend.