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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Its raining!

Thank goodness!!! Now i never expected to say that but its been sooo dry here that a shortage of grass is becoming a bit of a problem. The paddocks are so very dry, just like dust bowls - normally we rotate the paddocks so that some are rested and the grass grows on - not this year! Once eaten down its just not growing again. Hay is going to be expensive this winter - the farmers are putting their prices up already - some even saying £7 a bale - eeek! Luckily our neighbour makes hay and although he has had to put the price up, it's £4 a bale which is not as bad!

Anyhoo, this is the view from the back door this morning - light rain - lovely!

Am hoping sometime today to get into my sewing room and get on with Em's quilt! (This is tidy by the way!)

I've bought some lovely backing fabric, the wadding has arrived, so i can lay it all out and baste it - will post a pic later!
I have been looking at some lovely crochet going on in blogland, so its given me the inspiration to get my granny blanket finished - i've joined all the squares together and am going to do a wide edging with the bits of yarn left over, so then it will be a decent size to snuggle under!

Although it doesn't look too bad here, its a bit 'lumpy'!!! I think the trouble is my tension is not even - but i have learnt a lot whilst making it so hopefully won't make the same mistakes in future - i think i'll just say its deliberately 'textured'!!!
Well better get on now, i hope you all have a lovely weekend!


dottycookie said...

Move to the Lakes - we've been holidaying here and it's been extremely moist!

The blanket looks snuggly, regardless of texture :-)

Gina said...

Your blanket looks beautifully textured!

Tamsyn said...

Hope your paddocks are a bit greener now :) Your crochet blanket looks fab, love the colours and texture!
Have a good week xxx