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Monday, 23 August 2010

Lovely day out!!!

Had a great day out on Saturday - went to the NEC Festival of Quilts with the lovely Trash and met up with the gorgeous Brioni ( and her lovely friend Tash. It was a good trip up (2 1/2hours!), Trash is great company and made the journey fly by! As you can imagine it was very busy when we got there. We started off with a look round the amazing displays - some of them are just awesome and others are very inspiring. I took loads of pics but here are a few-

I just love the one above - very calm and tranquil.

This one was beautiful and sooo delicate.
There were some fantastic fashion displays -

We had a break for lunch, and a chance to sit down!!! Brioni and Tash joined us which was lovely - they had been working very hard - getting contacts, freebies and interviews, for their brilliant on-line mag called FQ ( They were also handing out cards for the mag and trash decided she would give a hand - as you can imagine she did brilliantly!! Here she is chatting up some future purchasers!!!

As happens when you are having fun the day went by too fast, and we had to make our way home. Thank you girls for a great fun day out!
p.s - need HELP - keep getting weird comments - can anyone advise me how to stop them?


Gina said...

You've managed to put up some pics of two of my favourites - the green one with the trees and the one made from sheer fabrics- neither of which came out in my photos!

trash said...

hmmmm ... by weird comments do you mean that one above mine? because she has always caused me some concern ...

Em said...

Hi, I just found you via 'Claires Craftroom' ..and I like your blog lots!!
I love the pictures from the NEC I really wish I could have gone to it too.
What did you mean by weird comments/ because I've had loads of strange comments from anon bloggers recently nothing offensive just odd and I just deleted them but its still irritating.
Em xx

Mama said...

Ooooo - your Fair looks a bit more "Mommy" orientated than mine! Love, love love quilt shows!!! Always manage to come home with a head full of ideas and an empty wallet :)

ps: re your email - yes! to your mag offer and will reciprocate happily.

Indigo Blue said...

Lovely pictures, did not get a chance to go to this never mind. I had a couple of odd comments and i just deleted them. Report to blogger might be an idea too.