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Sunday, 8 August 2010


I don't know what its like where you are but here its muggy - just makes me want to fall asleep but have not succombed, yet!!

This week i've been trying to finish some of the things i started last year and this is one of them - its a quilt for Em which i started last October - as its her birthday in September i have decided i have to finish it by then!!

I'm fairly happy with it, have just got to add a further border this afternoon - shocking pink, and then put it together and quilt it!!

Had a lovely time at Trash's in the week - i've always wanted to try some form of painting, i was rubbish at school - so Trash took me under her wing and i did this-

I was so pleased with it, i know its nowhere near perfect but it was brilliant to do! Thanks for being such a great (and very patient!) tutor Trashy!!!!
I know the last time i made one of these i said i would not do another one - but a friend asked me for one, so here it is

I hope she's happy with it!!

Now then, to nap or not?!!! Maybe just a short one and then some crochet (trying to finish my granny square blanket)!



Locket Pocket said...

The quilt is looking lovely and I'm very impressed with your painting! I bet Trashy is a fun teacher!!! Locket xx

Gina said...

Love the pink quilt... and your painting looks great!

trash said...

You know I will always vote for the nap ;-)

Not fun Locket, a grumpy old nag. Will I see you again Wenesday Maria?

jennyflower said...

Go on, sleep little one, sleep, and dream of more fabulous flowers to paint!

silverpebble said...

Snoozapigs always win for me.

Lovely painted flower!

noelle said...

sleep is good, i try to do it as much as i can!!!

Indigo Blue said...

Your daughter's quilt looks lovely. My Sophie woukd love the colours!! Passed by yur way last week, in fact I was only 3 miles from your village!!

Joy said...

How's the quilty progress ... or did you choose a snooze lol?? I think I'd pick forty winks too he he. Not long now and we'll be in your neck of the woods ... 37 sleeps til we leave - woohoo :oD!!!
Joy ;o)