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Thursday, 28 August 2008


what is it about dentists that brings me out in a cold sweat and fills me with dread - i am supposed to be a grown woman for goodness sake! however i have put up with what started as a slight 'niggle' last saturday, then turned into a steady throbbing and finally yesterday painful throbbing! instead of making an appointment straightaway, although had to wait til tuesday cos of bank holiday, i was trying to convince myself that it would all settle down eventually!

well it has not settled down and so i have an appointment for tomorrow. i know when i wake up there will be the familiar stomach lurch and gradual panic! i don't know why - my dentist is a lovely kind woman, who takes her time with me and tells me what she is doing every step of the way - i should think when she sees my name on her appointment list she must think 'oh here comes the gibbering idiot' cos thats what i turn into!

thank god my children can't see me!

i think actually i would rather have a baby than go to the dentist! really i would!

gonna go and have a soak in the bath tub in some relaxing bubble bath - hopefully to send me to sleep - although i rather think a gin and tonic might be better - or any alcohol for that matter!



trashalou said...

rather have a baby? You don't really mean that!

Gina said...

Hope all goes well with the delivery/birth/ dentist??? And hope the gin worked last night!

wonderwoman said...

oh yes i do - might need lots more gin though as have to have a root canal job - beam me up now!!!