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Thursday, 21 August 2008

lots of bits and pieces!

the hen house!!!!!!

finally! after waiting four weeks the hen house, flat packed of course, arrived - so here it is duly assembled and painted by me (the painted part that is!) - i did ask the guy at B&Q if they did pink paint - he just gave me 'a look' and said 'no madam we don't get asked for pink very often' - so i had to settled for , pardon the pun , duck egg blue!

and, wait for it.... here are the girls
they sort of have names, but its a bit soon to tell the difference apart from one who is much bigger than the others - and i am assuming its her, lays huge eggs- for some reason known only to my son, she is called skywalker! after princess leya (not sure i've spelt that right!).

egg production started straight away next morning - we had two, since then its been a max of 4 per day but mostly 3 which is fine for us, with some for mum and dad and friends later!
its now time for the next festival - Reading! seems to have come round real quick - so off i went yesterday talking emily and two of her friends to Reading - was fine until we got near the site, blooming signs everywhere! anyway we found the drop off point and off they went :-

the first pic was taken at home, and the second at drop off point before they hauled all their luggage out! rather them than me! I think Gina's son has gone too (sorry Gina, i dont know how to do the highlighting thing yet - perhaps you can help?!). as they are coming back on bank holiday monday they are catching the train as the thought of trying to go up and back on that day was horrendous!
small point - why is it that i never seem to come back the way i went! went all round Reading, it seemed and finally got back on the road i wanted! ah well, i haven't given in to having a 'sat nav' yet, but it might be time soon!!!

NEXT - have been allotted my swap partner in the angel stitchery swap - am sooooo excited but also a bit worried that i might not come up to scratch! i have never done a swap before, and i gather we are supposed to leave clues - so here's something i may, or may not, be including in my parcel for my swap partner - i would add that its an extra item i thought she may like -

its made from handspun yarn from my sheep, but i'll see how it turns out before i decide to include it or not!

update on my quilt- its going a bit slow but here we are so far:

this is the middle panel, if you like, of the quilt so have a way to go yet! sewing that lot together seemed to take ages!

even though its going slow i am really enjoying it, seems ages since i made one this big!

on the knitting front, well have done the back and front of this jumper:-

only the sleeves to go!!!!!

well thats all for the mo, i'm sure there was something else but i just can't remember it now, but am sure to once i've posted this!

Molly is behaving herself for once and just snoozing in the sun , much to Lilly's delight, as she gets a bit fed up having her ears chewed and tugged at!

well am off to make a cup of tea and watch a bit of the olympics!


trashalou said...

My word! I am exhausted just reading that. Shame about the pink paint.

silverpebble said...

So much stuff going on in this post!

That hen house looks pretty smart to me, but then that's my favourite colour. Lucky hens with such a des res.

Beautiful yarn from your sheep! Looks as though it's perfectly spun - anyone would be a very lucky recipient of that lovely knittiness!

Gina said...

Love the hen house and the yarn! Eldest son joined Joe at Reading today. I can't believe how much beer they have packed! The link think is done by highlighting the word you want to link and then clicking on a hyperlink logo on the toolbar (same place as where you add the add photos)You can then type in a web address. I'm not sure how clear that sounds and it took me months before I worked it out!

Dionne said...

Wow, you have been busy! But the 'Duck Egg Blue' is very pretty! Can't wait to see your sweater and quilt when they are finished!

Bethany Hissong said...

Your doggies are too cute!! I think we are making the same quilt (well, you're actually making it, I'm slowly cutting out my pieces!)... is it a brickpath pattern?
I have just one thing to tell you about my navigation system... I can't live without it! I would be completely lost once a week!! They are worth their cost in gas! I LOVE your new chicken coop! If I am lucky, we will make/get one next spring and I love that color!

Lesley said...

I love your pretty hen house!! Ours is very functional 'cos the man himself did it!!

So glad to hear your chickies have settled in well and are laying already :)

I've just realised that it's only a matter of a few years until my two hit the festivals - no doubt I will decide that Glastonbury and Reading are within Mum-taxi range!! Isle of Wight I can definately do - 'cos that involves a 2 mile ride to the ferry!!

Your quilt is looking beautiful


Lottie and Me said...

Oooooohh Oooooohh Oooooooh - I've been away too long - taken me forever to catch up - Love the chooks! Love their house too! LOL X

Tracey said...

That jumper looks great, can you tell me where its from , i do knit a bit.
Hen house great colour.
Great blog thankyou