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Friday, 8 August 2008

two lovely and very different days out

well last week went in a bit of a blur, which is why this post is a bit overdue - let me say firstly that I FINISHED THE QUILT! hurrah! i was so determined that my friend was going to get it for her birthday, in the end i was stitching with plasters on my fingers and looked like the hunchback of notre dame! but it was worth it as she loved it.

anyway, i was lucky enough to go to the new forest show last week, and it actually stayed dry! i love this show, its a true agricultural show and nowhere near as commercialised as some. right, enough talk, here are some pics
aaaah, i hear you say, these donkeys were from a sanctuary and you can adopt one, so needless to say, we took the appropriate form as emily, my daughter, wishes to do so!

in the rare breeds tent were some lovely bunnies and guinea pigs - just had to take a pic of this one, sooooo cute! (i remember when mine were young i didn't dare go in these tents as all the way home it would be 'can we pleeeeeease have a bunny/guinea pig'!

and there's more:-

these alpacas were gorgeous and, even better, there was a stand with some of their yarn - it was soooo soft, but i restrained myself from buying any (if you could see my stash you would know why!) and took one of their leaflets instead!

i have to show this pic again (in previous tiny post) as it made us roar with laughter (though we did not do it directly in front of the chicken so as not to hurt his/her feelings)

a really good caption for this pic wins a prize! silverpebble has already come up with a good one - anyone else! the prize is either a pack of fat quarters, some yarn, or the latest book by gil mcneil called 'needles and pearls'!

on the following sunday emily and i and my mum went up to london - my cousin from germany (mum is german) was over with her daughter and we were going to meet up - we had not seen each other for 25 years (although my mum pops over on the plane once a year to stay with her sister)

we met on westminster bridge, i suddenly heard this voice yelling my name, and there they were on the other side of the road! it was lovely to see them. we took them to covent garden as they had never been and had tea and wandered round the craft stalls - lots of lovely things - i did find the button lady and succombed to some lovely buttons (have not taken pics of those yet, sorry!). we watched some street performers, i always love these-

this guy was a statue, and then, of course, suddenly moved, he nearly gave one lady a heart attack! did some more touristy things, trafalgar square, piccadilly, then shopping ensued - regent street, hamleys, where some cuddly toys were purchased (never too old for those!) and finally ended up in the restaurant Planet Hollywood - that was fun - my mum's face was a picture as the music and film clips you can watch whilst waiting for your meal were a bit loud! also when asking for a drink she ordered a lager and they brought her a pint! she nearly died, 'i can't drink all that' she said

when we left i asked emily how much granma had drunk - at least three quarters she said! i thought there was a spring in her step!
anyway, after that we were all cream crackered so we got a taxi to waterloo and then said our goodbyes - it was a great, but exhausting day. its always so nice to get home after all that hustle and bustle - i just love the contrast!
well thats all for now, have to catch up on housework, washing, cooking, cleaning, the usual things!
just caught molly chewing a basket - i think she just waits for me to get on the blogoverse - a minute ago, well it seemed only a minute, she was chewing on her bone!


Michaela said...

We saw that statue guy last year - he was fantastic! Tried to behead both my children with that sword! His facial expressions were so funny. I love Covent Garden, not that I get chance to go more than once every 10 years, but it's always worth the wait!!!

Lesley said...

Your pics of the New Forest show are great. We've never been even though we've lived down here for 10 years!! Maybe next year.

Your mum looks like she's having a fab time :)

As for the chicken....'battery chicken gets electric shock!'.

Errr - think I'd better go now....


Bethany Hissong said...

Yeah for you and the finished quilt!! Your post made me smile today! I have seen those chickens before and they are quite comical! I'm not feeling too creative tonight so I'm not going to submit any captions. I LOVE alpacas!!! I would love to have my own little herd. Are you really going to get a donkey? This one looks so precious! Thanks for all your comments lately :) It's always great to hear from you!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds like you have had lots of fun! Love the photos! Lucy x

Jo in Tas said...

OMG! were they real muscles on that guy?
As for the chicken I reckon he's saying "I've gotta fly this coup, no good lookin' chicky babes here...but me! Yeah Baby!!!"

Gina said...

Both sound like great days out!

Willow said...

I went to Covent Garden a couple of times when we were in London in June. My son just had to go to Hard Rock Cafe London.

I think "Bad Hair Day" would be a good caption for the photo. Or, "I Just Washed My Hair and Can't Do a Thing With It".

I have BAGS of unspun llama fiber which is cousin to alapaca fiber. It's great to spin and knit!