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Thursday, 14 August 2008


Oh my word! A'level exam results day dawned today! i had watched my daughter getting a little more anxious over the last few days although she had not said anything. we have always told her, and her brothers, that whatever their results we would be pleased because we know they had tried! but even though i had told her this many times i could see she was getting a little stressed!

luckily she had a driving lesson first thing this morning so that helped take her mind off things, as she could not get her results from school until 10.30. i picked her up and off we went, i said in the car that her dad and me would be proud of her whatever happened, and i had already given her a gift before she got her results because she had worked so hard. that was it, we were both in tears - not good when you are driving - and that was before we got to school.!

we got to school and could see lots of her friends were going in to get their results and she just wanted to go in and get them and look at them by herself for a few minutes. i sat in the car and waited.....and waited.....! I saw her come out briefly and could see she had been crying and then a friend put his arm round her shoulder and i thought, oh my god and in my head i had mentally got the 'never mind, there's more to life' speech! she disappeared again and then about five minutes later came back to the car - i had no fingernails left!

she was smiling! she got in the car and told me her results

A in psychology

B in english

C in sports studies

C in general studies

well as you can imagine that was us off again, more hugs and tears! lots of phone calls to dad and grandparents and friends.

what a morning! i am just soooooo proud of her.

well i'll stop going on now but i just had to let it all out!
nb: am just finishing painting hen house and hens arrive on sat - will do some pics soon!


Lesley said...

Fantastic results!! Big well done to your daughter :)

What an exciting week in the Wonderwoman household - fab exam results AND chickens!!!

Can't wait to see your new feathered friends :)


silverpebble said...

Wow, those are fab results - wonderful news! That and the chickens have got me all overexcited so I'm off to bed.

trashalou said...

Hey Chick! I am soooo excited. She worked so hard for those. A great result.

Gina said...

Congratulaions Wonderdaughter! Fantastic results.

JuicyFig said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, and congrats to your daughter!!!

I had forgotten A'Levels! Taryn got her AS results last week as well - 2 x b's and a C - so us chuffed mums should all breath a collective sigh of releif!!!


Jo in Tas said...

Congrats to DD for getting through exams and doing so well, it's always a stressful time!
I hope you get a great swap gift for your first swap! Good Luck!! I reckon I'll end up making all the projects if they're anything as good as Helen's!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What brilliant results! Can't wait to see the chickens too!

Lucy x