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Thursday, 27 November 2008

why, oh why, do i do this every year?!!

Its that time of year again - the deadline seems to get quicker every year! Every year i say to myself i will be more organised and every year i am not! is it just me??

My list seems to be endless so i have started to prioritize - have just finished a neck scarf for a friend, and have started on a scarf for one of my sons' girlfriendssorry pic not very good - its lovely and soft and has ribbon running through it.

whilst looking at fabric i just had to buy this

and then i bought this to make some christmas bunting with

thought i had better stop there, especially on the yarn buying!

i am still working on this tho - for michaela - and hope to send it on by the weekend

have never knitted on circular needles before so that is interesting!

well i had better stop now, dogs are waiting for their tea and the chickens need to be shut in

thought i would leave you with this - i rushed out the other evening and took it because the colours in the sky were awesome



Kitty said...

Wow - that sunset is totally ... wow!

Can't wait to see your finished knits and bunting. Oh, and I'm with you on the time running out thing. It's scary, isn't it? :-O


Gina said...

I do this every year too and I haven't even started yet so you are way ahead of me! That photograph is amazing.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ditto! Only this year I decided not to make it even worse by doing craft fairs - I still have loads of orders to do and have decided to make all the children's presents!

Love the sunset!

Lucy x

Joy said...

Wow that Sunset is stunning!!!
I just LOVE the blue scarf ... it looks so soft and snuggly!!! We don't wear scarves much here but I do love them. I've knitted one for DD1 in London but I'm not much of a knitter so it's VERY simple
Keep at it ........

trashalou said...

You clever thing you. And to think as well as everything else you had time to put that sunset together!

Michaela said...

I wrote myself a list back in January titled 'Christmas 2008 - starting early this year'. I wrote down everyone I buy presents for and decided on a knitting pattern which they would like. I was determined to tick off each project one by one as I finished them.

Sadly there is now less than a month to go and only one present is completed. The mind is always willing but the body less so! I seem to be just knitting blankets at the moment! (It's looking very good by the way - have sent you the next address by e-mail).

LizzieJane said...

Wonderful sunset and wonderful scarf, it will look beautiful when it is finished.
I think we all take on to much around the Christmas season and then burn the midnight oil in trying to finish all of them...wonder why we do that?

Indigo Blue said...

e the sunset.

Why? Because you are a glutton for punishment and you just love the challenge. I do the same, my corner of the living room is proof of it!

Dionne said...

Those yarns are so beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could knit!

Kerri said...

Hi, I have tagged you. I hope that you dont mind. Hopefully you have time to do this....

Moogsmum said...

Yup - me too!! My DH has a much calmer approach to Christmas but then he would as I'm the one who does everything!!!

Your knitting is looking lovely. I love the blue scarf.

I love that photo of your pooch waiting for her tea :-)

What a gorgeous sunset! The moon has been amazing this week too but I'm far too cold to go outside and take a photo!