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Sunday, 2 November 2008


my blog has gone haywire!! i need your help.

it will not let me update my blog roll on the right hand side - and when i come to do a post the menu does not come up as usual.

it seems to be stuck on sunday 2nd Nov.

would be grateful for any advice as this is driving me nuts!!


Kerri said...

your blog list is looking good. I'm on top??????? Sorry I'm not sure what is wrong. I'm no help but have a great weekend.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hmmm, not sure - I've never had a problem with blogger. Sorry! Lucy x

Kitty said...

Can you go into your dashboard? I would try going into 'settings' and going through each of those tabs (basic, publishing, formatting, etc.) to see if there's anything 'obvious' in there?

Am happy to help if I can - email me if you think I can.


Indigo Blue said...

I found that a post that I thought had gone missing was in fact still there on my list of posts but blogger ha saved it as a draft for me, which is why it was not showing up on my blog. I had several problems last night with it freezing when I was trying to upload pictures, so I walked away and came back 10 mins later and it had sorted itself out! Computers, love them or loath them I still think they have a mind of their own. If you are stuck email Kitty as she is a star and helped me with my swap button last month.XX

wonderwoman said...

thanks for all your help - but it is still not right - it keep saying the date is 2/11 - something weird is going on!!!


Kitty said...

Can you go into your dashboard? Click on the 'settings' option, then on the 'formatting' tab. There is a whole raft of boxes to tick that pertain to the date ... try going through all those and re-ticking the options you want. Save it and see what happens.

Then click on the 'posting' option, and see what happens.

Let me know.


Kitty said...

Oooh, I've just read Andrea's comment - bless her cotton doodahs! x

wonderwoman said...

kitty you are an angel - will give it a go now!


Annie said...

Sorry I can't help you - but I feel your pain. Love your chickens BTW

trashalou said...

I hav enothing constructive to add but had to comment b/c the word verification is 'palin'. And who doesn't love Michael Palin?