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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Update - horses, socks, crochet!

A few of you already know that i couldn't make the bloggy picnic as i had to have the vet out to this sweetie - the one on the right - 'bubbles'! he has arthritis so is never fully sound but he suddenly got much worse - the good news is that he is much better - is on stronger medication - the reason we think that he got worse was that the ground was soo hard and where the field got churned up in the winter, its unlevel, which makes life a bit harder for him especially, being a cob, he is so heavy on his feet. so there you have it!

Vets visits seem to be on the agenda at the moment - the lovely little Molly has a bit of a problem which we are trying to solve (avid watchers of the Dog Whisperer) - when someone she doesn't know comes in she howls the place down - and she is sooo loud you cannot hold a conversation (just ask trashy who had first hand experience the other week!). Also she will not let the stranger near her - so as we have an injection due soon, plus she also needs to be spade, we need to sort this out! So she has being going to the vets to get her familiarised - so far its been going well - she looks scared but no howling and is happy to let the vet nurse cuddle her- so now we are going every week! As if thats not enough for her, she gets car sick! Hopefully all will be resolved eventually!
These two, on the other hand, are totally chilled -
Chilled is not quite how i'd describe my sock knitting am not progressing very fast! but hanging on in there! (didn't realise that after rib i just had to knit plain!)

Crochet is coming along - only trouble is i keep trying to run before i can walk!
I think i may have a chilled evening myself - i have wine, i have chocolate and the evening to myself for a bit - now where's my book?


silverpebble said...

Ooh Maria - your crochet! That looks wonderful. I tried one peasley measley little flower and couldn't manage. That said, the tiny pebble did need constant cuddling and I am a total beginner.

Poor doggy and horsey friends. Dear me, too many canine issues for one hairy friend. Hope they improve soon.

Enjoy the wine, choc and crochet,

Emma x

Joy said...

Oh Maria, Bubbles is absolutely gorgeous!! My DD2 would love her (him?) - ever since she was really little she's just LOVED "hairy footed horses" :o).
Good luck with little Molly and her issues - poor thing.
Joy :o)

LizzieJane said...

Your crochet is just lovely. Glad that your horse is doing better, it is always such a worry when one of our animals is not feeling well.

trasha said...

Since you are suggesting wine, choc and reading may be the answer to a relaxed evening suggest you introduce Moll to the same pleasures so that everyone's nerves may be soothed ;-)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your animals are rather gorgeous - even if they have been having problems lately!

The main reason I like sock knitting so much is because you only ever have to do plain! I seem to have developed a weird aversion to purl! And you don't have any stinky sewing up to do!! Brilliant!

Great crochet too!

lucy x

P.s hope you like all my exclamation marks!!!!!!

Tamsyn said...

The horses look lovely. seemed like you earned the wine and choc! Crochet is looking good.
Thanks for my mag I worked my way through it over the easter break..wish I'd taken enough yarn of one colour so I could have attempted one of the lovely tops.
I attempted to crochet a baby bootee, pattern is great but it came out big enough for a giant baby!
Tamsyn x

clare's craftroom said...

Can't knit to save my life . Hope your vet visits become fewer .

Kitty said...

Your animals look beautiful, even if they do need veterinary attention. A car sick dog does NOT sound like fun - hope you get that sorted. My cousin called in here last week - one of her dogs had wee'd on her and she needed a fresh top! At least cats don't do weeing on people or howling.

I think your sock knitting and crocheting looks fab - keep at it. I am planning another attempt at the crochet thing soon. *gulp*


Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

OH I love your babies in the top photo with their smart looking blankets on.. can you tell me the breed. I have two Quarter horses and two Mo Trotters.. But these Painted babies are awesome :)
Thank you for coming by and joining in on my swaps... don't forget to send me the return post ;)