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Thursday, 23 April 2009

All play, no work!!!

Can you hear it????? are you sure?????? its the sound of Trashy laughing her head off!!!! Why you may ask? a very good reason - my sock knitting!!! To explain, i have never attempted knitting a sock before and had got thus far

however, no matter what i seemed to do my stocking stitch kept coming out as garter stitch! In the end i frogged it and cast on again . So Trashy kindly invited me to lunch to see what i was doing wrong! As soon as i saw her knitting her sock i knew straightaway - i was knitting inside out!!!! how stupid can you get!!! Well as you can imagine Trashy nearly fell off her chair with laughter! I don' t think she is ever going to let me forget it either! Lunch was lovely and a real treat and Trashy's lovely neighbour came over too. So i am going to start my sock again and see what else i can come up with!

Things are looking up on the crochet front although going by the above goodness knows what i'll do next!

This is part of a design to make a blanket - there are two more 'rounds' as it were to go - if i make about 30 of them it should be a good enough size!

I had a lovely parcel waiting for me when i got home yesterday - it was from Clara (WMK)

we have been doing a swap - i have sent her 'The Knitter' magazine and in return she sent me these lovely goodies - some beautiful flannel fabric which i can't wait to get working on and a great flannel quilt book with some gorgeous quilts in it! Thank you sooo very much Clara its all fantastic!

So this week, so far, has been lots of play and no work - i don't know that i've achieved much but i've had fun actually having the time to sort out yarns and fabric, look at my various books for ideas and spend lots of time with the horses - not having to clock watch, even for a few days, is just so nice, so i feel very lucky!

I do think i had better go and think about dinner now!

I can still hear you Trashy!!!



Gina said...

Okay... you will love me for this... why undo it, couldn't you just turn it outside in when you finished it? Or am I missing something?

Dionne said...

Sounds like such a fun lunch. I'm with Gina though ~ and perhaps I am showing my knitting noodle ignorance. But why can't you just turn it inside out? Of course I can't imagine knitting anything at all, let alone a sock!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So how did you knit it inside out? I'm perplexed! But I don't think that naughty woman should have laughed at you!

Locket xxx

Indigo Blue said...

I admire you for even attempting to knit as sock!!

Jo in TAS said...

Good on you for even trying, my knitting skills are limited to straight rows but even then I stuff it up! Love the sock colour!!

trasha said...

Locket you would have giggled too!

Joy said...

Oh you poor thing - sounds like something I would do, I sympathise, my knitting is dreadful. Hey, how about you crochet some socks ... your crocheting is looking great!!!
Joy :o)

Poppy Cottage said...

Thank you for visiting me. I have nearly finished one sock, not sure if I will make it a pair or carry on crocheting!! Have a lovely weekend.


Poppy Cottage said...

Thank you for visiting me. I have nearly finished one sock, not sure if I will make it a pair or carry on crocheting!! Have a lovely weekend.


Kitty said...

Listen sweetie, you're doing a whole lot better than me - I haven't even DARED to attempt a sock, let alone been clever enough to knit one inside out.

Lovely goodies from WMK - I too have had the good fortune to receive one of her parcels. She's lovely, isn't she?


jennyflower said...

Awww, bless you. No sock knitting for me- too tricky! Thanks so much for my post this morning-totally unnecessary but very very much appreciated.