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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Getting Going

Firstly let me say a very big thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes - I did have a lovely day, was thoroughly spoilt and had a scrummy italian - meal that is!!! I received some beautiful flowers - the ones above were from Trashy who also gave me a lovely silver bangle - thank you sooo much.
These freesias were from my dearest friend and the smell was just heavenly!

I was very flattered to get an award from Jenny

its the sunshine blog award for those blogs that inspire - i know i'm only meant to nominate 12 blogs but i would like to give it to all of those blogs in my sidebar - every one of which i find immensely enjoyable and inspiring - so consider yourself awarded!!! and thank you Jenny very much for thinking of me!

I have been trying to do at least 20 minutes a day of crafting - some days more, some days a bit less!!! I seem to have been in crochet mode for the last week or so, but was pleasantly surprised when i added up the number of squares - nearly 30 now!!!
I've wanted to make a baktus scarf so cast on last night - did about 40 rows and then ripped it back!! I just can't seem to make my edges smooth - they just look lumpy - so started again just now - and guess what- same thing - what am i doing wrong? any help would be gratefully appreciated This yarn is just beautiful - it was my birthday gift from Trashy last year - its from Sarah Hughes at who kettle-dyed these beautiful colours in her slow cooker!! So it deserves to be made into something that looks lovely!!

I haven't done any sewing for a while and i think the reason is this
what a mess - before christmas everything got shoved into a corner so we could use this room as an extra bedroom!! I think i need to spend a few hours in here having a sort out. So, purely for inspiration you understand, i thought i would need some more fabric - any excuse !!-

These lovely fabrics come from - such a fantastic choice and brilliant delivery- came the next day. I also have been looking through this book which i bought a while ago when i was in Millie Moon

there are some gorgeous skirt and bag patterns that i'm really keen to have a go at!

So that little lot should give me plenty to think about!

I'll leave you with this and hope you all have a great week! In case the writing is too small it says"Bob suddenly realised his wife had fallen off her horse, which was quite a relief to him as an hour before he'd thought he'd gone deaf"!!

I know, but it made me smile!!!




Poppy Cottage said...

I am knitting that scarf. I think it is really import to make sure you keep track of the rows. And on the second row, when you knit the 'made stitch' remember to go into the back of the stitch. Hope this helps. Glad you had such a lovely day.

Colette x

Gina said...

The card made me laugh too! Glad you had a good birthday.

trasha said...

Get you with all your crafting going on! That skirt in the picture is definitely one I could see you wearing - I shall keep an eye out!

Tallis said...

Frustrating to pull work back, I know I had a bout of it last week.

I used to knit professionally a few years back and the best way I can think of tying to even your edges out, is to actually NOT to knit the last stitch on the needle. Slip it instead on to your needle, turn your work then knit as normal. It pulls the length of the stich slighty tighter and should smooth those edges out for you.

Good luck and dont give up hope:)

Kitty said...

I'm so sorry I'm late in wishing you a happy birthday - but am very pleased to read it was a good one. So many lovely goodies there, and the flowers look heavenly. You put me to shame on the crafting front. I've done precisely zilch!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So many gorgeous things to comment on - but all I can think about is that brilliant card! SO funny!

Locket xxx

P.S. Could you email me your email address - I'm not sure if my messages are getting through to you?

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it is a bit late! Beautiful flowers & a meal you didn't have to cook? How lucky are you? Why does that only happen on our birthdays? Oh well!
Congrats on your crafting time! I can't knit or crochet, so I can't help you there. Other than to say, it looks pretty good compared to my attempts.
On the sewing front I have some good news. Your Around the World Quilt has left Washington State and is on the way to Jane in Illinois. Or so I read this morning. iQuilty also posted a photo of our quilt up to this point. It looks pretty!
Good luck on the tidying-up! I never seem to quite get it all put away before I find a new project to work on.

Moogsmum said...

My Mum taught me to always slip the first stitch of every row - similar to Colette's tip - just keeps the edges a bit straighter.

Keep going with it - that yarn is gorgeous and it'll be worth it!!

Love that card :o)


Anonymous said...
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BabyLongLegs said...

What MoogsMum said :D
That yarn will make a beautiful Baktus.....and it's so great to see it's home!!
I remember dyeing it......just for you :D

Happy Knitting!!

S xXx