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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Here we go again!! (a nd giveaway result!!!)

Woke up this morning to this

It was around this time last year, well maybe a week or so later, that we had all this - it was absolutely gorgeous to look at! Luckily last night we got all the horses in, so they spent the night cosily tucked up in their stables, munching their hay. So they could not wait to get outside - all had a few rolls and then a gallop round the paddocks, bucking away!!

Now they've had their excitment, they are all bored!!!

Em and Dan decided to have a snowball fight - it appears you are never too old for that!!!
Lilly was not too impressed, but Molly loved it - especially when Dan was throwing snowballs for her - when they hit the ground she could not understand where they had gone!!!

Now i know it seems a while since christmas - well it does to me, but i just wanted to show you a couple of the lovely gifts i received - the first one is from Joy, my lovely friend in australia - she made me a beautiful needle case to hold all my knitting and crochet needles and its just beautiful, plus some other lovely goodies as well - thank you Joy, it was all just gawjus!!!

I also received a beautiful photograph from Trashy
I just love it sooo much and will hang it , when i get a lovely frame, in my sewing room - thank you soo much Trashy for such a beautiful gift!

Finally - The Winner - i have not forgotten the giveaway - sorry its been so long coming!! To cut a long story short - did a draw and

the winner............................ is

NOELLE from Sewonandsewon

If you could send me your address and let me know which you prefer - wool or fabric - i will get your prize in the post as soon as poss!!!

Well thats all for now - hope you all have fun in the snow - or, as in my case later, just snuggle up by the fire!!


trash said...

hearty congratulations to Noelle. I say hearty now but earlier they would have been shivery ones, the power of nap in front of the woodburner shouldn't be underestimated!

Moogsmum said...

Ooh, rather you than me being out in the snow seeing to the horses! Apart from a walk to buy milk with the littlies and Moog, I've snuggled up indoors all day.

Your needle roll is beautiful - what lovely stitching.

Well done to your very lucky winner too :)


emily said...

Snow, yarn and ponies! What more could you need for Christmas? Though I have found leading the horses across ice a bit treacherous - like Torville and Dean but with too many legs, wildly rolling eyes and no grace whatsoever!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh that photo from Trashy is just fabulous! We've got loads of snow too! Lucy x

Joy said...

Congrats to Noelle ;o)!!!!
Maria, don't your sweet horses get cold toeses/hoofses from standing in the snow lol?? My kids are freezing their butts off in Scotland right now, hoping they'll be able to get back to London for their flight back home to Oz on Saturday (??!).
Glad you like your gifty ... and Trash's photo is gorgeous, love it too :o).
Hugs ........ stay warm!!!
Joy :o)

noelle said...

woooohoooo!!! how exciting, i won ooh thanks very much! I would love the fabric pleeease x x x

Jo in TAS said...

Congrats Noelle!
That snowball fight looks like fun!

Michaela said...

Fantastic snowy pictures - we don't have any snow but freezing cold winds. Feels more like the Arctic here!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Congrats to the winner! Snowball fights never get old, even here in Canada :^) Hope your DH is feeling better and that you can get some sewing and/or knitting done. Lovely Christmas presents too!

MarmaladeRose said...

I don't know how you find time to crochet and sew with all your animals, but I'm glad you do!

I'll be popping back to check up on your daily crafting progress, no pressure just enjoy.

Annie said...

Just love that Trashy picture - and the snow is amazing - such a novelty to us here in Oz. Glad you liked a bit of our sunshine and flowers.

clare's craftroom said...

Wow that snow looks so pretty but very , very cold !

MarmaladeRose said...

Forgive me if I don't check in with you every day as I now have 19 bloggers joining in. If I check everyone every day I won't be able to find time for my 20 minutes. Lol.
Anyway there is enough of us now to all encourage each other.

Keep posting your work though.

Love Fi x