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Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I decided, the other day, after being outside, yet again, in the blithering snow, freezing my b---t off, to treat myself to something i have not done for ages! It's nothing exciting but it made me feel good - and this is it -

well part of it - i have not had a walnut whip for years and saw them in M&S the other day! So my treat was a lovely hot, bubbly bath, a cup of tea, chocolate and a book! It was heaven and i stayed in the bath for an hour - came out looking like a lobster, but we won't dwell on that!

Another lovely few hours was spent the other afternoon - when the roads were finally cleared - in Waterstones - there is something about being in a bookshop that makes me very happy - the end result was rather more than the one book i had gone in for!
I also saw the lastest gadget which is called, i think, an E reader/book - i'm sorry but that leaves me cold - the joy for me is in holding a new book, smelling that new book smell and looking forward to diving in! But maybe that's just me!

On a different subject! I have found that with all the frantic preparations for christmas, the last minute sewing, knitting, etc, the old crafting mojo was a bit lost! But i have been inspired to get going by looking at some lovely blogs - one of them being Marmalade Rose. So i have been doing at least 20 minutes for the last 5/6 days - mainly crochet
sorry the pic is soo c--p but you get the idea!

I've also finished a wrap that i began last winter - its a variation of a Rowan one, and its made with my favourite yarn - Kidsilk Haze
One project i mean to get started is a baktus scarf - i've seen soo many lovely ones that i feel the need to have a go!

Well thats enough waffling for the minute - back to the grindstone!!!



trash said...

Yay for finishing your kidsilk haze wrap. It is worth that wait.

Jo in TAS said...

Now that sounds like the perfect way to relax!Lovely crocheting!

Joy said...

Mmmmm, walnut whip!!! I haven't had one of those for YEARS. Put that on my "to eat" list when I get over there he he he.
PS ... oh, and your wrap is simply GAWJUS you very clever knitter you!!!!!

Gina said...

Your wrap looks beautifully soft and such gorgeous colours. I couldn't agree more about having a real book in your hands!

Kerri said...

You have been busy and deserve a day of pamper. Love your crocheting. Need to get mine out again

MarmaladeRose said...

Lovely wrap, what is a baktus scarf? Looking forward to seeing what that looks like.

Tamsyn said...

So good that you had a bit of 'you' time, I used to love eating walnut whips the crunch and mess as you take the first bite ;)
The Wrap looks beautiful and the crochet looks fab too!
See ya soon x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Maria - your kidsilk haze shawl is gorgeous! And you'll love knitting a Baktus - they are fab! Keep cozy and warm and enjoy your walnut whips! Lucy xxx

Moogsmum said...

Ooh, walnut whips! I haven't had one of those for years. I did have a Cream Egg bar today though - for research purposes of course. Verdict: couldn't eat more than four without feeling a bit sick!

Ooh, a bath.....haven't had one of those in a while. Not out of poor hygiene (I do shower daily)but I never make the time.

I'm glad to see you've been spoiling yourself a bit. After all that chilly horsey husbandry and husbandy nursing you deserve it :)


p.s. gorgeous Kidsilk wrap! Do the Baktus - you won't regret it!!

Mama said...

Lovely wrap! And books. And chocolate. Let's just give it a great big lovely all 'round shall we?!

ps: glad you liked the fabric!

pps: Walnut Whip? Cream Egg?