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Thursday, 5 June 2008


i thought this blog stuff was supposed to be easy! having read all the blurb that comes with the setting up, ended up with huge headache last night!

still my good friend, who shall be nameless, who started me down this road, you know who you are, assures me that all will be fine in the end.

i love reading other crafters news, it is awesome and inspiring. I feel like i have come out as it were, having spent years just quietly doing my stitching, etc. everyone says that knitting is hip and trendy, yet if you do sit and knit, say in a cafe, on the train, people look at you as if you are mad doing it in public - i think things are getting better now and people are beginning to appreciate the skill and love that goes into making things. i can think of nothing better than receiving something someone has taken the time and trouble to make for me, and the reverse is true because i love making presents for others.

well thats probably enough for now - housework and poo picking (i have horses) beckon.

i feel like meg ryan (wish i looked like her!) sending my thoughts off into the void.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I've been summoned out from the void by your nameless friend to say HELLO!!!!! Welcome to blogland - your life is about to change big time! Better warn your family to get used to looking at the back of your head as you feverishly type away on the computer! Hope you like it here! Lucy x

Lesley said...

Welcome to blogland!! Your nameless and very funny friend sent me here :)
I hope you enjoy coming out to play - you'll soon get to grips with all the extra bits - if I can do it, believe me, anyone can!!


trashalou said...

See! I told you they would come. Even if it is that pair of reprobates!!!

Gina said...

Hello... I've arrived via your nameless friend too! Welcome - it is fun - it gets easier - and it takes up lots of time - but it's always worth it!
Gina x

marit said...

Welcome to blogland! Found you through a certain nameless friend:-)Have fun!

silverpebble said...

Hello! - only started on the blog road a couple of weeks ago myself - think you might enjoy it...Swaps, PIFs, giveaways, all kinds of lovely stuff and fab daily chats.

Meg Ryan - saw her in a film trailer last night looking botoxed-up and with a nasty trout pout. Top Gun Meg Ryan - gorgeous. Currently - quite scary and rubbery.