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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

sweet peas

i just love sweet peas - the smell and the colours take me straight into summer - as soon as i smell them it just makes me feel happy!

just thought you would like to know that! am in the process of working out a new quilt - have not made one for ages - never actually made one just for me - did one for the children when they were smaller - never ceases to amaze me that even now they are older, the minute they are poorly and have to lie on the settee, they still want to be covered by their quilts!

have finally finished some stitcheries i have been doing for a very lovely lady, as i said before, and here is a picture of one of them, although not a very good pic i must admit

all that needs to be done now is to frame it!
actually managed to get five minutes this evening just sitting in the garden and decided it was pimms oclock! what a treat! actually felt like a 'country living moment' -you know you always get those fantastic pics of a family in the country, lovely garden, cath kidston tablecloth, emma bridgewater china, animals looking clean and cute! however in real life, my garden and animals never quite match up!
thanks again to those lovely ladies who have sent me comments, its amazing how great it makes you feel!


Kitty said...

We have a quilt that the kids call 'the poorly quilt'. My mum made it for them when they were quite small. They love it, and whenever they're ill, they want to lie under it. The medicinal powers of quilts! x

trashalou said...

Granma's quilts have those same magical medicinal properties.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those sweet peas are gorgeous - I can't believe you've got them already - mine only went in last week!!! That's the north/south thing for you! Love that little stitchery too and hooray for Country Living moments!!!