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Friday, 6 June 2008

new friends

i would like to say thanks to all those lovely people who have commented on my entry into the blogoverse, as my good friend trashcan, calls it. you'll have to give me time to get up to speed with pics and things - all your blogs give me lots of inspiration, but also a lot to live up to!

spent yesterday looking at my stash and trying to organise it (should have been doing other things but what the heck). trouble is i have no will power - if i see a quilt or yarn shop i feel some invisible thread pulling me through the door and once inside i can't help myself! its not any better on line either - so much choice, so little time!

have finally finished two stitcheries - these are like little birth samplers but very simple and naive - a very lovely lady had seen some others i had done and asked if i could do some for her to give as presents - i was very touched that she liked them so much - i dont know about you but when i have made something for someone else i am always critical, when its just for me then its fine!

any way, outside jobs are calling, but i will try later to do some pics (with a lot of help from my daughter)

thanks again for all your encouragement.


trashalou said...

yay you! and y'know, that whole invisble thread pulling thing? It affects all of us.

silverpebble said...

Very much looking forward to your pics (although I still find uploading them a bit of a headache). Stitcheries sound lovely - can't wait to see some of your sewey stuff. Emma