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Thursday, 12 June 2008

ladies who lunch!

thought this might make you smile! Molly checking out dishwasher!

i can't believe i just did that! i just wrote a blog and for some reason went to look at pics and lost the whole lot! what a croc!

thats what happens when you have wine at lunch! have been very lucky and had lunch out yesterday (some old friends i had not seen for a while which was great) and again today - took out daughter for some much needed r and r in the midst of revising for a'levels.

a small amendment to the number sheep - we now have only three - one having popped her clogs on monday - she was quite old and i think it was her time - but i do miss her and so do the other three remaining old dears - people say sheep are stupid but believe me they are not! mine have been pets - living happily just eating and occasionally letting me have a fleece when i used to spin. an old farmer once said to me 'when i die, i'd like to come back as one of your sheep'! how sweet! i like having them around but am not sure whether to get any more - what with all the red tape around nowadays - plus at this time of year it gets quite stressful waiting for them to be shorn, especially when it gets as hot as it has been - fly strike is a big risk - and i keep looking at them every time they want to itch! but they are such characters.

on another matter, having read silverpebbles blog and seen the lovely pics of the new arrival, it makes me feel broody - want to start knitting bootees and hats! doesn't seem that long ago mine were like that - now its all grunts and bedrooms where you can't even see the floor - my mother would be horrified - you would not find a spec of dust at her place - i think i'm a big disappointment on the housework front!

anyhoo - time to get on with dinner - have not got a clue what to cook - some days i just dont seem to have any inspiration.

hoping to lay out fabrics for my next project - a quilt - later on - have decided on a floral theme - but seem to have a rather large amount of fabric! wonder where that came from?!


Kitty said...

Sorry to hear you lost one of your pet sheep - it's always sad to lose an animal member of the clan.

Can't wait to see your floral quilt. I had a big fabric sort out recently but I've still got far too much - but I just might need it one day, right? ;-) x

trashalou said...

Poor old ewe. (Hahahahahaha! I'm sorry -I just had to say it!Please tell me you will still come around in the morning?)

silverpebble said...

More quilting - can't wait to see it. Enjoying your thoughts and photos. Sweet peas, for me, mean my Grandad's allotment. Sorry about your sheepy friend

Lesley said...

Hi WW!!
Thanks for popping by my blog. I'm well into book 4 now and believe me - if JKR brought another book out I'd be camping out!!!
So sorry to hear about your sheep :( I'm dreading the day any of our pets drop off the mortal coil - mainly 'cos Minx and Moogsdad will be inconsolable for days/weeks !!!
Your blog is great and it's always lovely to meet new bloggy friends.
Minx and I are very very taken with Molly and will be awaiting more photos :)


trashalou said...

Hey WW! Guess what? I finished that thing you were helping me with on Friday. All done and dusted and ready to go! Yay us!