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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

sex in the city/mending fences!

how diverse is my life! a friend wanted to go and see sex in the city and asked if i'd come - her treat - well how could i refuse - i had never seen the series on tv and neither had she! sitting in the pics i had a quiet chuckle to myself (sign of madness!) that one minute i was dressed up (reasonably) and watching a film with fantastic designer outfits, jimmy choos, you name it and that morning i had been in wellies, old jeans and t shirt, helping my friend mend a hole in the fence to stop her cows getting out! i would add that this was a dangerous mission as said cows had calves and can get quite lary! so we were banging nails in and trying to watch our backs at the same time. needless to say the landrover was parked close with the doors open! i did think at one point it would be interesting to see how fast i could run, but then decided it probably would not be fast enough!

not had a lot of time to sort out my fabrics for my quilt - here are some i quite like

while sorting through stash i found a wall hanging i had made a while ago

so thought i might give it a wash and hang it up - not sure where though yet!

oh, by the way, i have made a really, really stupid error and run out of wool on a jumper i have been knitting for ages - only need 1 ball but of course Rowan have now discontinued the colour - so if any of you have 1 ball of Rowan all seasons cotton shade 194 Cape ( a blue colour) i would gladly buy it off you and pay for post and packaging. have tried most yarn shops and ebay but to no avail - its not a complete disaster as i only have to do the neck so i could do this in a contrast if necessary.

better go now and get on with jobs - seem to have a long list of them! thought you might like this as it made me laugh - bought it as a thank you card!


trashalou said...

Was the movie good?

silverpebble said...

I went to see the SATC film three days before I gave birth the other week as my last outing. I absolutely loved it but then I watched the tv series. I, like you am a welly girl but SATC is pure escapism.

Love the guinea pig.

Kitty said...

I have friends who've seen SATC - one hated it, the others thought it a bit of light-hearted fun. What did you think?

That long haired guinea pig is fabulous. x

Gina said...

I saw SATC on Monday - thought it was a lot of lighthearted fun but then I always enjoyed the TV series too. I don't understand all the fashion though... some of those shoes and bags are hideous!
Had a nice time catching up with your blog - sorry to hear about your sheep.
Gina x

Patrick Roberts said...
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