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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

glasto festival

well here are the 'pimped up' wellies - and thought they might well be needed when i took my daughter and her friend to the drop off site for glastonbury - just as we got there it rained! hopefully it was only a shower as it is forecast to be nice most of the time - not that they care - they could not wait to get there! i must confess to a wisteful moment - one that she is so grown up now and two that i couldn't go!

last night was spent trying to squeeze all the 'necessities' into one bag, then there was the bag with food and stove, cooking pot, gas, etc., the flagpole and very pink flag - which a friend had done with graffiti like writing - so they can hopefully find their tent amongst a sea of tents! finally there were the sleeping bags and two little fold out seats called Howard and Hilda! (can you guess where that comes from? couple of fat quarters to first one!

she has since text me saying tent up, flag flying and 'all good and happy'. that brought a rather silly lump to my throat!

after dropping them off decided to go to Bath for some retail therapy - the traffic was horrendous as you can imagine - then there was an accident so they sent us up some little lanes and when you came to a junction there were no signs! got to bath in the end tho and ended up - guess where - the lovely quilting shop called country threads - only bought some wadding and a magazine - honest!

well thats all for now - will leave you with photo of girls - am sure there will be more!


trashalou said...

I am crubbish with the UK cultural reference thing - how about Last of the Summer Wine?

Working Mom Knits said...

I'm crubbish with UK events - what's happening in tent-town?

trashalou said...

Oh dear WMK, you really do need to make a trip home soon!!!

wonderwoman said...

hey WMK really nice of you to drop in - i'm sure you have heard of the glastonbury music festival - only the biggest (i think i'm right) in the uk! however this year it seems not all tickets have sold out which is amazing cos when trying to get them before we have been up literally all night - i think the mud has been so bad in previous years (typical english summer, rain and more rain), and the line up this year is not so good - its s'posed to be a rock fest not a rap fest! there are about 2000 acts over 3 days and my daughter is probably going to see most of them! however at tent town all seems okay at the moment, weather sunny but some rain for tomorrow! i dont expect i'll hear anything else til i pick her up on monday!

Kitty said...

Oh wow, a daughter old enough to go off to Glastonbury does indeed warrant some retail therapy. I'm not sure I would have been able to resist pitching my tent next to hers :-O x

silverpebble said...

You're making me feel old with thoughts of Glastonbury. Hope it's fine for her - looks as though she was already having fun in that snap.

Miss P2 having a small nap on her quilt at the moment (she's fallen asleep on my chest but two hands are better than one for blogginh!

wonderwoman said...

hi silverpebble, i must admit i do feel old having a daughter going to glasto - i'm also missing her so much - she has gone away before on hols with friends plus parents, but never on her own and i feel she is really grown up now and in one way it makes me happy and another i must admit to having a few sad moments - i know its a cliche but it doesn't seem that long ago i was like you, holding a sleeping baby - my god the time goes quick! anyway, enough of feeling blue i'm sure she's having a great time and when she comes back on monday i'll catch you all up and see if she'll let me have a few pics!