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Friday, 6 June 2008


i know i am new to this and probably being a complete idiot but could someone tell me how to post comments on other peoples replies to my ramblings! would love to be in the pink pearl draw if this is possible

i love the idea of this blog but at the moment it is so frustrating! my daughter, bless her, is going to help me later but at the moment is rather busy with her A level English exam so i am trying to work this out by myself - what a hoot!

i think i need refreshment - of the tea variety! perhaps a slice of belgium fudge cake which i made earlier! if anyone wants the receipe i am happy to post it later.


Damselfly said...

That recipe sounds great! I am having tea right now too.

The easiest way to comment on a comment is just to comment! Ha ha! Just go to the post where someone has written a comment, click to comment on your own post, and say something like, "Yes, Mamapew, I do think seven children is enough -- you're right."

Gina said...

Oooh! Belgian Fudge Cake... that sounds seriously chocolatey. Love to see that recipe!

silverpebble said...

Hi Wonderwoman - think you've cracked it - if you mean my pink pearly giveaway then your comment's up on my blog and your name's in the hat. It is all a bit baffling at first though isn't it?

Hmm, chocolate cake recipe? - does a bear p** in the woods? Yes please.

trashalou said...

Ohmigod! Kevin Costner was right!! "If you build it they will come."

BTW give me a call over the weekend if you want some non-daughter interrupting assistance.