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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

new projects!


just could not resist this very good bargain - there's a yarn sale in John Lewis - just happened to be passing (not!) and this was half price - great i thought a jumper for £18.50 - so here is yet another project i just have to start!
along with this one which i started 3 months ago!

which is a scarf/wrap made in rowan kidsilk haze

such a lush yarn - have to admit its one of my favourites!

so there we have it! only a few projects - lets see, a quilt, a jumper to finish when find yarn to finish it with as have run out (previously mentioned post) with only the neck and sewing up to do, a stitchery commission, some bunting, again a commission, one for a shop and one for a friend, finish wrap and start new jumper (which comes from a lovely book called Hollywood Knits which has some great funky patterns)! i am sure there is something else, which escapes me at the mo!

of course there's still the housework (uugh) washing, etc,. plus walk the dogs, do the horses etc.!

but i'd hate a quiet life!

Daughter back from Glastonbury - went to pick her and friend up monday lunchtime - they looked absolutely shattered, had not had a lot of sleep, but had a 'slamming' time!

i took a pic before they left, so that is the before, here is the after!

not that brilliant - can't seem to make it right way up and dinner is gonna be ruined - will have to try again !
thats all for now!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That silk haze looks amazing! Not sure I could knit with it though - I think it would take me too long! I hope supper wasn't ruined! Lucy x

Kitty said...

It could be the result of a Glastonbury weekend that makes people sideways like that?!

The yarn looks delicious - I love the stripey one especially.


trashalou said...

Agree with Kitty - Glastonbury makes everything skewiff!