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Saturday, 12 July 2008

addicted to blogging!

oooh, i had such fun last night - actually had time to look at lots of blogs and felt really inspired! it seems to me (a novice) that bloggers are all such lovely people and amazingly creative! i looked on lynette andersons site and there it was, a swap! i could feel the adrenalin rush and could not wait to sign up - only thing is i'm not sure they got my email! i do hope so, i love the idea of making something special for someone, who knows how much love and work goes into what you've made. i think more and more people these days like to get a hand made gift, whereas a few years ago people thought you were just being cheap and not buying them something! goodness, that was a prattle on! well i got that off my chest, but i know you all know that anyway!
finished doing all the necessary with the horses, so thought i'd have a go at the garden - oh my god, all that rain we've had this week is great for the plants, but the weeds have gone mad:-

well the upside is the beans are going well

and the courgette is getting a move on at last, though not as good as Lucy's!

so it's not all bad!

my sweet peas are nearing their end tho, but i have, hopefully got some more coming on

if i have enough time, i might get round to some baking this afternoon - looking at everybody's culinary delights, makes me hungry!

mind you i have got loads of sewing to do - oh well, it will all get done eventually - here's some i made earlier - bye for now.



Bethany Hissong said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! I am totally addicted to blogging too-- I now consider many of my friends to be people I have never even met in person! I think it's a great way to connect with other women who share the same interests and that's harder to do sometimes at home! I sympathize with the weeds... we have that to do today! But your garden looks great! I'm hoping to put in a real one next summer. Right now we're just doing a little container gardening. I love your fabric pictures too!

wonderwoman said...

hi bethany, thanks for your comments and lovely to meet you! hope to 'talk' to you more!

Lesley said...

We've got weeds and slugs in abundance and the chickens don't seem to like the slugs!! (can't say I blame them - bleurgh!)

Your veggies are looking great - good luck with the weeds!

I love your little fabric pictures - I have a thing about beach huts :)

Best of luck with your swap too - you are well and truly sucked in now!!


Kitty said...

Mmmmm, sweet peas. The most deliciously scented flower in the summer - in my humble opinion.

Your stitching is lovely, and that garden's looking good too.

So glad you're as addicted to blogging as the rest of us - makes me feel less guilty at my inability to withstand the 'pull' of crafty blogs.


Lottie and Me said...

Now look you - get blogging - love the pics, love to see some of the Gee Gee's!!!! lol

wonderwoman said...

thanks for all your lovely comments, as requested (lottie and me) will post some pics of horses soon.

p.s. i must say i love being a blogger and 'meeting' such lovely blogettes!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

My courgettes are still pretty titchy but I'm hoping I might get some bigger ones today or tomorrow because we've had two days of sunshine! But I haven't had a single sweet pea yet!

Love your pictures!!!

Lucy x