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Tuesday, 8 July 2008


this is just a ps to my blog of the other day ( or was it yesterday?!)

firstly, he is sideways as i cannot find the right key, button, or whatever to put him the right way round (not being very computer literate as you have probably gathered)

secondly i was looking for a different pic and was browsing , as you do, through some of our old files and came across a whole load (well 7 or 8) of pics i had forgotten about.

they were taken by my daughter who absolutely loves him, started with Legolas and went from there - she's seen all his movies - anyway, to cut a long story short, for her 18th birthday her dad and i wanted to do something different, so i came up with 'a plan'. i had seen him on Parkinson and he said he was doing a play in the west end called 'celebration '. Aha, i thought, or words to that effect, lets see if we can get tickets - so we did - we got two front row tickets for her and a friend to see the play, but we did not tell her! on the day in question, we went up by train to London, still not telling her, and stayed at a lovely hotel - we then told her and her friend to dress semi smart as they were going out! we were not far from the theatre, so just walked there - it was only as we got close to the theatre and she saw the play advertised that she twigged what we had done - oh my, there were tears, from her and me and lots of hugs, and in they went. when she came out, with loads of other star struck Orlando fans, she took as many pics of him as she could - unfortunately she could not get close enough for an autograph. boy what a day!

anyway, thats the story!


trashalou said...

How sweet! You really are a loverly mother!

Kitty said...

That's a lovely story! What a great gift for your daughter.

It's my birthday next spring - could you fix up the same thing for me with Mr George Clooney? Please?

:-D x

silverpebble said...

What a fantastic surprise - lucky lass! He's pretty but give me David Tennant/Jimmy Doherty any day.

JuliaB said...

Is that Orlando on your "guess who" pic to the right? Before I read this post I was thinking .. "ships ahoy ? ... hmm.. doesn't look like Johnny... must be her husband .." xx