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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

finally did it!

well its not that exciting but.. i finally managed to sit in the garden on sunday afternoon for a whole hour - peace and quiet, sunshine - well when i say peace and quiet the birds were tweeting, bees were humming and trees rustling - sorry to wax lyrical, but it was great. all the family were out, daughter to sandbanks beach, hubby and son to some sort of charity football match. the only thing i did not do was any stitching - it was sooooo hot i thought my needle might melt but, hey, you can't have everything!

nb; i have to confess that i did not make the above quilt - it was bought for me!

when it was cooler, i did a quick tour of the garden - raspberries just getting going

toms are just starting to go red and i found the first runner bean!

wow! well i know its not that exciting really!

HOWEVER - last night i went out (nothing extraordinary in that you might think) and finally saw Mama Mia - well i absolutely cried with laughter - Julie Walters is fantastic! i've never been an Abba fan particularly but found myself singing along with my friend - lots of others were doing the same, although some were a bit coy! apparently on saturday night some people were dancing in the aisles - i would have needed quite a few units of alcohol to do that! i would thoroughly recommend anyone to go see it - you come out feeling very smiley, and my sides ached! it certainly cheers you up.

on the sewing front i was sat thinking about what to get a very special friend for her birthday and i thought why not make her a quilt! great idea, lovely present, but only one little problem, her birthday is next week! nothing like working under pressure! anyway i have cut it out and pieced the front together, cut out the wadding, and now just have to decide on the backing fabric. here is where we are so far

its not that good a pic, but here's a close up

i decided to keep it simple and just do blocks and then hand quilt it - probably in my sleep!

whilst i was occupied with this, Molly was doing this:

chewing my sandal!

that'll teach me!



Kitty said...

Fresh runner beans are always exciting. I could eat a whole plate of them, lightly boiled or steamed, with butter and a small sprinkling of black pepper ... mmmmmmmmm.

The quilt is so pretty - lovely florals.

Thank you for your message - I hope I won't be gone long! x

Linda said...

Love the quilt on your outdoors table. Still can't reply to you privately. If you want bloggers to be able to reply to your comments the best way is to go into your dashboard and click on edit profile. Where it says show email address, click on it so it shows up with a tick. Hope that helps you.

wonderwoman said...

hi linda.i did try and email you yesterday, dont know what happened there then - will try again!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I went to see Mamma Mia last night and laughed til I cried too - but I had to keep my singing silent as no-one else was doing it!

I remember going to Sandbanks on a primary school trip and being amused that I really did get SAND in my sandwiches - and I've just remembered I bought one of those huge lollies - the kind I wouldn't let my guys get probably!

wonderwoman said...

oh my god, i remember those lollies too! just think of the e numbers in them and god knows what else!


Jo in Tas said...

Your garden looks very lush, love homegrown fruit and veg, tastes so good.
I'm off to see Mamma Mia tomorrow night with a group of girls, maybe a bit of singing, no dancing though. I loved Abba when I was about 7 years old, used to belt out their songs at the top of my voice.

trashalou said...

You were right - you are going to have to forego sleep to get everything done!

And no more mentions of Mamma Mia from anyone b/c I have no friends and haven't seen it yet!

Working Mom Knits said...

Ah such a relaxing and welcoming post - mind if we come visit the Wonder Palace whilst on our staycation?

Gina said...

I'm seeing Mama Mia again tonight I loved it so much - such a happy happy film!

Lesley said...

Home grown veg is ALWAYS exciting!!!

Oooh - I'm dying to see Mamma Mia...hopefully this week!

Your quilt is lovely and such a beautiful gift. Did you give Molly the other sandal to chew so that they match?