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Friday, 4 July 2008

ups and downs

just thought i would start by sending some positive vibes to viscious chicken on her walk and wish her the best of luck and hope that the weather is not too awful!

have just been catching up on my favourite blogs - i just dont know where the time goes, i think i've only managed to get on the computer twice this week - mind you i have to share it with a teenage daughter whose usually on msn or whatever its called! and you can imagine she's had a lot to talk about this week! but its lovely to have her home, safe and sound!

seem to have had one of those weeks where i've been busy but not actually achieved a lot! done a fair bit of sewing, if i never see any bunting again it will be too soon! (not sure that actually makes sense but you know what i mean). done a bit of weeding, and it always looks good but you know that in about four or five days time, it will look the same again!

Still have not started quilt - not even cut out yet!

what i wanted to ask you all is that i need some advice about etsy - i do make a few things and i sell them (sometimes!) in a lovely little shop called 'the little red hen' - but i was wondering about etsy and if it was worthwhile - would love to have your comments and any advice is more than welcome.

have just taken the dogs out for a walk and this is the state they are in now -i think its called 'pooped out'!


silverpebble said...

Very sweet doggy photo. I feel a bit like that just tonight!

I'm not yet using Etsy so will watch the advice with interest.

Many thanks for your comment tonight. I think a few minutes blogging here and there keeps me going when things are knackering. They're both asleep so I escape for a bit!

trashalou said...

You want to talk to Locket and Moogsmum - they have opened Etsy shops in the last six months. Ooo! Or Jodie, she sells her girls there when they have been reeeeeaaaallly naughty.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hmmmm, Etsy hey? Well it can be very good - but then again as a lot of the shoppers are crafters you are obviously trying to sell to people who could possibly make their own version - does that make sense? What I mean is that the people who seem to do very well are the ones selling "unique" items - like Monkee Maker or Little Cotton Rabbits (although neither of them actually have an etsy shop!!!)

I don't have any problems with the set up or fees on Etsy though - seems very straightforward and easy.

And there is nothing to lose by opening an etsy shop and seeing how it goes!

Hope that helps!

Lucy x

wonderwoman said...

thanks lucy - i must admit i did think that most of the people who were looking would be crafts people! thanks so much for your insight and helpful advice.


Kitty said...

If that's how the dogs looked - what sort of state were you in? :-O

I love Etsy - it's one of the best places to browse, but like Lucy says - lots of people who use it are crafters themselves. A bit of a conundrum really? Still, if you give it a bash, I wish you oodles of luck.


wonderwoman said...

thanks kitty for your comments - i'll have another think (as winnie the poo says!) and let you know what i decide to do!

the reason the dogs were on the photo and not me was that the dogs were a prettier sight!