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Monday, 14 July 2008

the good, the bad, and there is no ugly!

having looked at everybody's delicious cakes and strawbs, i thought i ought to get baking - have not done so for a while as hubby (who has no willpower!) is looking a bit rounder in the middle!have found a recipe for a victoria sponge that is the best i' ve ever made (being modest and all!)

anyway - here is the cake
and also here

the recipe is this - you take 4 eggs and weigh them and whatever they weigh, you then weigh out your sugar, butter and flour to the same weight - easy! then i just put it all in a mixing bowl at the same time, mixed it and put into two cake tins - 25-30 mins at 180!

then being on a role i made this :-

not quite as big as barbara's (the good life!). however i do have a confession to make, and feel i must be totally honest, i made it in my bread maker! however i did have to measure out all the ingredients!

and finally, i went strawb picking this morning. there is a brilliant pick your own place near us and they have great fruit as well as lots of other things - here's what their strawbs look like-

they are huge and even better they are table top ones so you don't have to get backache!

well this was all the good - there was a bit of bad too - my daughter and i went out for a ride on sunday afternoon, it was a lovely day, and we were just riding back towards home along the road when some cars came towards us, the front two slowed down and we smiled and waved our thanks as we always do, then the third car - with a lady (and i use the term loosely) driver - came past - well i have never heard such horrible language - she was hurling abuse at us saying that .......horses shouldn't be on the road, should be in a ......field, etc. etc. . I was gobsmacked as we had done absolutely nothing wrong - it just left me feeling a bit sad really - i can't understand why someone would just be so horrible - people are strange. well that's off my chest, sorry if i banged on!

anyway, enough of that, i just went onto the blogoverse later that evening and had my spirits lifted by all the lovely people and the amazing things they make.

on a lighter note - here's molly caught in the act

who, me?!


Lottie and Me said...

Love your work darling! That's rather a large slice missing from that cake!!!! X

wonderwoman said...

well lottie and me - trust you to notice that! it wasn't me, honest!

trashalou said...

Rotten bastads! I hope yopu shook your fist wildly at that notlady!

Bethany Hissong said...

Your doggie is adorable!!! We had a similar day yesterday as I baked a blueberry pie with fresh berries and made a loaf of bread in my breadmaker!! I forgot to take photos. Don't worry about that rude person... she was probably having a bad day... or a bad life and it has nothing to do with you!!

wonderwoman said...

thanks trashy and bethany - i did think of a lot of things to say, but after the event! but then i thought whats the point, people like that never listen anyway!

Working Mom Knits said...

Oh and I am soooo hungry (forgot my lunch at home today due to TLG's having to secure his Thomas the Tank Engine - track and all - in his Fireman Sam backpack) - send cake - QUICK!

ps: re gyou very kind offer - love to have it but don't see an eamil to send my addy to you...

pps: promise to send something marvey in return!

Working Mom Knits said...

ppps: don't you love how soft-spoken our Trashy is :}

wonderwoman said...

hi wmk - will email you now with my email address.
i do love trashy and her comments -wicked!

silverpebble said...

That cake looks delicious - The remaining piece is mine (all of it!).

Some people are as odd as two sticks. She obviously had her own issues and was slightly barking.

Love the naughty doggy antics. Thanks for your comment too! Yes housework comes after sanity-preserving craftiness at the moment.

Kitty said...

Oh wow - that cake looks so scrummy! No wonder it's your husband's favourite.

As for the 'lady' driver ... what a stupid woman. Whatever did she hope to achieve? Some people make me so mad!


JuicyFig said...

Can I pop round for tea at yours? I bet that cake has gone already!
Booooo to impatiant petrol heads (someone yelled at me as I walked along a country lane and called me a local yokel - so I called her a towny village wrecker!)

Love the blog!


dottycookie said...

Lovely cake and bread - breadmaker or not, homemade bread is always scrummy!

I am stunned that someone should be so rude to you on your horses - I hope you're recovered now!

wonderwoman said...

thanks for the nice comments dottie cookie - yep we have got over the rude comments - life's too short to waste too much energy on people like that!

maria said...

Hi and thanks for the comment.
I'll have to try that cake recipe, mine never rise like that. Maybe the problem is the cook and not the recipe.
Love your pictures - very cute.

Lottie and Me said...

Hey you - try out the 1930's wife test I've just loaded - I scored an 8 - very poor!!!!!!!!

Jo in Tas said...

MMmmmm, that cake looks scrummy and the the bread delicious.
My oven blew up so I can't bake until we get a new one.
Thumbs down to the "notlady" (like that term from trashalou) for being a cow!
PS try searching lollie tins or scrapbooking shops for a tin for your pincushion!

Lesley said...

Your cake looks lovely and, by the looks of it, unlikely to last long!!

What a horrible 'lady' driver - I don't see what people get out of being like that.

I love your little pooch being naughty! Moog does the same with tissues. Don't know what she's got against them but she kills them every time!