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Thursday, 10 July 2008


this is just a quick note (short of time today!)

Orlando seems to have caused a stir - i must say that he is not my number one choice - that would probably have to be Ewan McGregor, in his leathers! woowee!

thanks for your comments on the quilt fabric dilemma - i have decided to go for the first lot of fabric - as it seems to be the popular choice and helped me make my mind up! i will let you know how it all goes (mind you, the speed i seem to get things done at the moment, i think it might be a while).

be back soon - told you it was a quick note!



silverpebble said...

With you on Ewan - oh yes, and he seems such a lovely guy too. Also a fan of Kris Marshall, Louis Theroux and James May. These are perhaps more...acquired tastes.

wonderwoman said...

hi silverpebble! how r you - hope things are going okay with little one and you are not too exhausted! - i must admit i like a man who makes me laugh and James May certainly does that! and i love Coldplay.