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Monday, 7 July 2008

summer - ha!

what's happened to summer? yesterday it was blowing a gale and chucking it down with rain nearly all day - nearly lit the woodburner but decided i couldn't possibly as it was july!

so decided to cheer myself up and sort out my fabrics for my quilt, having at last decided what quilt pattern i am going to do - this is it -

and here are the two lots of fabric that i have narrowed it down to, i think!

so, am not sure which to go for at the moment so am leaving them lying around and keep looking at them for inspiration!

have been good with my list of things to do - finished some more bunting

and had a go at making some bags for the lovely little shop i mentioned in previous blogs (little red hen) - they are made from oilskin - so keep the rain out!

i quite like the coffee cup design, but thought i might do some more with a flower motif.

Thought i had better do some other jobs today so went out to the garden to do a bit of weeding but got distracted by the broad beans which seem to have suddenly appeared, so they are on the menu for dins tonight!

went to see Prince Caspian with my daughter - who spent the entire time sighing every time caspian was on screen - mind you he is rather gorgeous! i thought it was excellent, but it is not like the first narnia movie, if you have little ones it is a bit more violent.

well thats all for now, ooo saw a bit on our local news last night about the walk Vicious Chicken was going to do- was looking for the blue bra but did not see her - if you are reading this VC hope it all went well.

thats all folks!xx


Kitty said...

Lovely goings on there WW - except the rain. It's tiddled down in my parts almost all day today. Of course it saved the heaviest (accompanied by thunder and lightning) for school run time! :-(


trashalou said...

I nearly lit the woodburner too. However we just sat with our noses pressed against the window watching tents and gazebos flying around like something out 'The Wizard of Oz.'

trashalou said...

Oh, btw forgot to say - my fabric choice is the top one (more Fortnums-ish don't you know daaaaarling) plus... did you noOrlando Bloom has stopped by your blog?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

oooh! very jealous of your broad beans! Mine aren't anywhere near as ready as that yet! Lucy x

Lesley said...

Glad you're enjoying our lovely summer weather :)

I love your quilt pattern and the first lot of fabrics are my favourite - in case that's any help!


silverpebble said...

Those fabrics are lovely - the first lot are my choice too. Great pattern.

Those broad beans are luscious - ours were only tiddlers, but then they were growing in a pot.

Such a shame about the summer so far isn't it? Only two paddling pool days up to now. Fingers crossed there are more to come.

Working Mom Knits said...

WW - Love the coffee bag! And the plan for the quilt :) I would be wonderful to get back to quilting/sewing - one TLG is older: 3 year old + sewing maching + pins + limited working/crafty space = angry daddy pulling pins out of his feet : {
(sadly, it is a true story)

ps: totally wish you were my Mom so you could have taken me to see *deep sigh* Andy Gibb!

wonderwoman said...

hey, thanks for all the lovely comments - have decided to go with the first lot of fabrics - you all helped me make up my mind!

thanks for the comment about the bag WMK - i just love making them, nothing fancy mind - there's never enough time! perhaps i should do a bag swap! just kidding!